Case – Sigmax & Dylan Spaaij

Sigmax offers plenty of opportunities for IT-talent

In addition to your IT studies, you can work for an international software company in Twente: HBO student Dylan Spaaij (21), did it and started working for Sigmax in Enschede via TalentIT Twente.

Sigmax Law Enforcement, one of Sigmax’s four business units, develops software solutions under the leadership of Managing Director Wouter Klunder to increase the safety and liveability of municipalities and cities such as Brussels and Amsterdam. For this business unit, Dylan joined the CityControl team, where daily work is done on a software platform for supervision and enforcement. After his part-time job, Dylan was able to continue his work at Sigmax through an internship. Because he was already familiar with the software products and was able to work independently, this resulted in very positive and pleasant experiences for both Dylan and Sigmax.

“Together with TalentIT we ensure that the talent stays in Twente.”

Case-Sigmax-TalentIT-Dylan. Sigmax Law Enforcement

During his internship, Dylan researched how Sigmax’s Service Desk could be taken care of via smart additions to the service portal. Among other things, he worked on an FAQ environment that would allow questions from users to be answered more quickly which created more time at the service desk for other activities. This was not only an interesting learning process for Dylan, but also an enormous improvement in efficiency for Sigmax.

Dylan experienced the entire ‘application process’ via TalentIT as smooth and simple. After meeting one of the founders of TalentIT during an internship at Saxion, Dylan was quickly introduced to Sigmax.
Dylan is currently in the final phase of his studies. Fortunately, Sigmax immediately found a good successor: Dylan’s twin brother Mark is now doing an internship at Sigmax for his study Business Economics. This shows that there are opportunities for many students in different directions within Sigmax!

Case-Sigmax-TalentIT-Dylan. Sigmax Law Enforcement

Loes Runneboom, Team Recruitment.


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