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“A’j d’r last van hebt, mo’j zeen da’j d’r gemak van kriejt.”

“If something bothers you, you will have to make sure you get comfort from it.”… Simply put, but true! That is the down-to-earth mentality whereby we develop software. Together with our customers we examine “what’s bothering them” and make sure that they “get comfort from it”, so that our software matches their problems in practice. The motto is in line with our participation in TalentIT; tackling the burden of the IT labour shortage so that we can excel as a region.

Together we achieve more!

Based on this mentality, we have been developing software in Oldenzaal for the municipal market for over 30 years. And with success! Together with our customers, we have developed 5 standard solutions, each of which is fully geared to market demand. By combining them, numerous new opportunities are created for municipalities to improve their services even more.

10 years Belgium.

We have been active in Belgium for 10 years and in order to support our customers there in the best possible way, we opened an office in Sittard 7 years ago. From that office 5 colleagues from Limburg are working hard every day for our Belgian customers.

By the way, we also like to see “our colleagues from the south” in Oldenzaal. Especially the Limburgse vlaai (flan) they bring with them is doing very well among the colleagues in Twente.

TalentIT is a good fit for JCC Software because we are looking for enthusiastic, innovative interns who want to contribute to our proven and user-friendly software solutions. Within JCC Software we offer you the opportunity to work with our software engineers and/or interface designers on new functionalities or user experience. We offer internships in the field of software engineering, marketing or interface & interaction design.

“During my internship at JCC Software I was asked to visit 10 municipalities for my position as Interaction Designer. This was a very interesting aspect of a great internship. I did my graduation internship at another, larger company. Which was nice as well, but I missed the fun and close contact that I had while working at JCC Software. That is why I applied for the position of Interaction Designer at JCC Software after I graduated. After 5 years later I have grown to the position of Product Owner and I still work here with a lot of pleasure!”

Sanne Wolbers, Product Owner


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