Case – Roxit

When the initiative TalentIT was founded, Visma Roxit (at the time Brein b.v.) was enthusiastic at once. We had been looking for opportunities to get exposure and strengthen our organisation with IT-talents. And it turned out that we were not alone, because the first TalentIT gathering was filled with organisations from the region Twente.

Of course, it was really cool that our collaboration paid off early May 2019. The first student, which was Wouter, joined our organization through TalentIT.

We constantly have interesting and, above all, challenging assignments. The most optimal project is to be determined together with the student. In our first interview with Wouter, he said he mainly wanted to learn about the communication between different servers. Within the VISMA Roxit software, we have developed a number of different components that communicate with each other using http(s). However, this came with several challenges. Wouter has developed a number of concepts that could provide insight into the performance of new techniques. An example of this is called ‘NIO’, which is integrated within Tomcat- servlets.

“In our experience the cooperation and professionalism of TalentIT is very pleasant. This certainly also applies to the students. Moreover, these students very quickly make a more than positive contribution to our teams and products, with new technologies, new insights and innovative ways of thinking they have to offer”.

Other challenges that have to do with the integration of different servers are:

  • Loadbalancing
  • Failover
  • Session transfers (including security issues)
  • Synchronous and asynchronous calls (present answers regarding ‘fire and forget’)

Wouter’s involvement in this project enhances the creation of a specific component for the session transfer. An important factor is that the rights can be limited as much as possible and that the ‘read- and audit’ trails are created correctly. An example of a scenario is the digital signing of a PDF document. This requires an external process (authorised) to retrieve the document, request a digital signature (from an external supplier) and modify the PDF with the correct signature and visual characteristics. Within this session it must be possible to request these things, but only these things and no others!

Wouter’s work attitude is very positive, he is very involved in the organization and is committed. If working days have to be cancelled or moved, he lets us know in time so that colleagues in office know when to expect him. His knowledge is also very useful and he likes to challenge himself with server2server communication. We are therefore very pleased with the candidate proposed by TalentIT and are already looking forward to new ones with great enthusiasm!

Roy Dikkers, Manager Q&C


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