Case – Gijs Wassink

Besides my study I think it’s important to discover the IT industry. That is why I signed up for TalentIT. A great opportunity for personal and professional enrichment!

Right now, I am working at Aareon, unit Facilitor, market leader in the field of software development and consultancy in the real estate market. I am responsible for a monitoring system with the use of JavaScript. The software that is being used for this is called React. It is amazing to see how functional data can be when it refreshes itself within a page (instead of doing this manually). Seeing the monitor making live changes with the help of colors and animations is mesmerizing.

“Very useful! Gain relevant work experience in addition to your education.”

Working throughout my study makes sure that I can learn about working in office and solving actual issues. It is also nice to experience the dynamics in the workplace: helping out fellow colleagues, sorting out stuff on my own and sometimes bringing coffee becomes part of the deal, too.

In can highly recommend TalentIT because I can already learn from corporate life early on. My network, IT skills and personal experiences have become significantly greater.

Gijs Wassink, Software Engineer.


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