Case – Krystian Januszkiewicz

During my studies I wanted to gain relevant work experience at a company that fits my study, IT Service Management, as effectively as possible. Additionally, I was hoping for the possibility of flexible working hours and a team with pleasant colleagues.

These goals were achieved through TalentIT. I got to work at Previder, which is part of the Odin Group. Previder is a leading Managed Service Provider in Hengelo with two private data centers. I work as an IT Support Specialist in the Managed Services department. We manage, monitor and provide support for complex IT environments. These IT environments are very diverse, which means no day is the same and I get to work with a lot of different systems. For example, there are various cloud environments, virtualizations, networks, domains and mail environments. Moreover, I am not only involved with technology, but I also have regular contact with customers. I find this to be very important, because I want to grow towards consultancy, security or projects.

“The combination of TalentIT and Previder is perfect for me as an IT Service Management student.”

The combination of a part-time job during my studies is great. I can apply the knowledge that I have gained during my studies and if I have questions about study-related topics, I can talk to my colleagues at Previder. In addition, I can also follow training courses through Odin Academy (Odin group’s internal development program). For example, next month I am going to partake in a training for my ITIL certification.

The contact with TalentIT is excellent. It made matching with a company very easy. In short, I am very happy that I have made this choice and advise every IT student to look at the possibilities of TalentIT.

Krystian Januszkiewicz, IT Support Specialist.


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