TalentIT starts

Twenty students and over twenty organizations are in the starting blocks for TalentIT. This is a collaboration between various organizations and the Province of Overijssel to retain talented students in Overijssel.

By working together, IT companies want to reduce staff shortages. During their studies, IT students are offered a part-time job to introduce them to the challenging opportunities for their careers at regional IT organizations as well as organizations with IT departments. The reward is a nice career prospect, and a salary during their studies and the possibility of full reimbursement of tuition fees. They also do their internship and graduate at organizations in the region. Students who participate in TalentIT receive a job and a network-guarantee for a workplace at one of the affiliated organizations.

“We now see that students leave for the Randstad after their studies to go work there. In spite of there being plenty of work for IT workers here in Overijssel. By introducing students to the challenging positions available at various IT organizations in Overijssel, we aim to retain the talents for the region,” explains Jeroen van de Lagemaat, chairman of TalentIT.

The enthusiasm among entrepreneurs is high. They experience for themselves how large shortages on the labour market are, and see the struggle for talent becoming increasingly large. TalentIT wants to grow further in the coming years in order to introduce and connect more talented students with entrepreneurs from Overijssel.

Every HBO IT student at Saxion University of Applied Sciences or Master Computer Science student at the University of Twente can apply for TalentIT. Based on a number of conditions, such as number of credits and study progress, the students who may participate in TalentIT are selected.

“We immediately feel the enthusiasm to get in touch with organizations from students who register. Gaining practical experience is the best development we can offer to the students. They want to get started!”, explains initiator Coen Beernink of TalentIT.

2nd year HBO ICT Software Engineering student Falco Berendhaus indicates that it is an ideal outcome in terms of concept. As a student, you gain practical experience through a relevant part-time job at an organization that you choose yourself. You can also manage your internship, which will follow in September. TalentIT gives the student freedom to choose what they like!

TalentIT has been developed with the support of the Province Overijssel, the municipality of Enschede and the Agenda for Twente. Additionally, it works closely collaborates with the Saxion University of Applied Sciences, University of Twente, study associations Syntaxis, Inter-Active and student organizations Student Union and the University Innovation Fellows (UIF).
An initiative of various organizations, educational institutions, municipalities, the Province of Overijssel and the students themselves, in which business is conducted in a socially responsible manner from day one.

Province of Overijssel supports TalentIT. Depute Eddy van Hijum of economics: “It is very unfortunate that students study here and then leave to work in the Randstad. There are great companies here to work as an IT’er, but unknown makes unloved. Via TalentIT, students can experience for themselves what it’s like to work at one of those companies. This is good for the student, for the employer and for the regional economy.”


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