TalentIT and Saxion join forces!

This innovative, talent-oriented program aims to bring IT students, IT organizations and IT-related organizations together

TalentIT and Saxion have been busy this summer. A strategic cooperation is the beautiful result of these summer days! The agreement connects TalentIT and Saxion as partners for an indefinite period of time.

The agreement was signed by Raimond Bartelink, Director of the Academy ‘Creative Technology’ of Saxion, and Jeroen van de Lagemaat, chairman of the board of TalentIT.

Qualitative and independent platform

“Overijssel has a top status when it comes to IT and there is plenty of work for IT people,” emphasizes program manager Coen Beernink. Saxion also believes this is the case and also notes that the demand from organizations for students is increasing. Saxion sees TalentIT as the ideal partner to add a talent-oriented program to the HBO-ICT study. The TalentIT program enables students to develop more extensively during and alongside their studies as IT specialists. Additionally, students will come into contact with the companies in the region earlier, says Academy of Creative Technology Manager, Janneke de Graaff.

“Via TalentIT we want to offer current and upcoming students a platform through which they can start with a part-time job, projects, internships and / or their thesis. Think of it as an “early” start to their career,” said HBO-ICT training manager Paul Goolkate.

Saxion sees the platform as a quality boost for students through which they can gain insight into the region and practical experience. This applies to both the regions of Twente and Salland. Of the Saxion, two locations represent IT, Enschede and Deventer. Both of them are focused on students and organizations in these regions.

“TalentIT is widely supported by educational institutions, Overijssel, municipalities and organizations. But most important are the students! They notice the huge added value of the program and are excited whenever they learn something they enjoy,” notes Coen Beernink.

Retaining talent for the region

“Figures show that students often leave the region after their education to go work elsewhere, although there is plenty of work for IT professionals here in Overijssel. It’s just not known! TalentIT is confronted daily by students who remain silent when asked: ‘which organization(s) do you know from the region?’ We are going to change that! By introducing students to the challenging positions that are available at various beautiful IT organizations in Overijssel, we hope to retain talent for the region.” explains Jeroen van de Lagemaat, chairman of TalentIT.

The enthusiasm of students is contagious

With regards to participation in the program, TalentIT sets participation conditions to ensure quality of all participants. This is important in order to provide quality to the participating students and organizations. Resultingly, the IT sector in the region will be better enabled to develop more.
“We see the enthusiasm among students, even during the summer holidays the conversation continues. They want to get in touch with the great many companies in the region and gain relevant experience, they want to get started!” says Coen Beernink.

Saxion supports this mindset. Through this program, students can make their education even more relevant. Saxion has admitted TalentIT to the curriculum to show that quality is the top priority. Students are very positive about the program. “As a student, you gain practical experience through a relevant part-time job at an organization that you choose. You can also choose the company at which you want to have your internship, which follows in September. TalentIT offers the student the freedom to choose what they like!”, emphasize students Falco Berendhaus (3rd year HBO-ICT) and Wouter Kamp (2nd year HBO-ICT). The motivation and enthusiasm of the students is contagious for the participating organizations.

Cooperating in scale

TalentIT is one of the projects of the ‘Agenda voor Twente’ (www.agendavoortwente.nl) and is also included in the ‘Regio Deal Twente’. The government is allocating a budget of 30 million euros for this region. In addition, financial contributions from the province of Overijssel, Twente municipalities, knowledge institutions and entrepreneurs give a considerable boost to, among other things, a vital Twente labour market. The close cooperation with Saxion fits perfectly within this movement.


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