TalentIT makes it possible to attract, develop and retain talent

What makes sense to several organizations is quite different in practice. The ‘road to talent’. With this TalentIT refers to the connection between businesses and students. Each organization recognizes it: I’m looking for talent, but where can I find them and how do I get in touch with them? This question has been asked increasingly often in recent years. Too many talents are leaving the region, because they simply do not know which cool organizations are located here.

Retain talent for the region

“Twente and Overijssel have a top status in the IT field and there is plenty of work for IT people, ”emphasizes program manager Coen Beernink. “Yet, we see that students leave for the Randstad after their study and go to work there. With TalentIT we want to downsize the number of IT students leaving the region and fix shortages at technical organizations. TalentIT places IT students within organizations at an early stage of their career. This, for a part-time job, internship, graduation project or various other projects. As a result, they are introduced to challenging opportunities at regional IT organizations and organizations with IT departments, which helps their careers.”

Starting your career during your study

Students who participate in TalentIT get a job and network guarantee. The reward is not only a good career perspective during your study, but during the program the student can also earn back their tuition fees. How? Transparency and equal opportunities, that’s it! As an example, the fee for assignments, internships and graduation assignments is the same within each organization and students choose purely for the contents of the assignment. The name of the organization remains unknown initially, says Coen. TalentIT also provides quality. Based on a number of conditions, such as the number of credits obtained and study progression, TalentIT selects students who are allowed to participate in the program.


Among other things; TalentIT works together with the Saxion University of Applied Sciences, the University of Twente, municipalities, Province Overijssel and, of course, students. The students are motivated! Gaining practical experience is fantastic for the development of students. Another important factor is how the business model is designed, namely that the organisations bear the burden. TalentIT is independent as a foundation and serves purely as a unifying factor with one thought: Get, Keep & Grow Talent!

At TalentIT we are the connector for the region. “Let’s Join, Develop & Stay”, says Coen Beernink.


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