Vacancy: Internship HRM (Graduation Assignment)

TalentIT Twente is a non-profit organisation with the aim of promoting companies in the region, which will benefit the retention of IT talent in Twente. We are a young and growing organisation that was established through a collaboration between the business community and educational institutions. We provide IT talents with side jobs, internships and thesis assignments, enabling them to explore their future careers. The focus is on creating the perfect match, in which we carefully consider the wishes of both talent and partner. After the match, we remain actively involved in the development of participating parties.

TalentIT was founded about two years ago. Since then we have made approximately 33 matches in cooperation with our 33 partners. We would like to find out whether this has led to two goals: IT talents have a better understanding of their career opportunities in Twente the business community benefits from the added value of our goal. We encourage you to bring in fresh ideas about how our target group wants to be approached.

Are you interested? Then read more below the photo. Who knows, you might be our perfect match!

During the course of your thesis, you will work on the design of a research proposal, the implementation of the research, analysing the results and making recommendations regarding our core business; the retention of IT talent in the region of Twente. In short, you will help us find out how cooperation between students, companies, educational institutions and the region of Twente can improve their connection.

▶︎ HBO/WO study
▶︎ Committed and communication skills
▶︎ Researching skills and determinated
▶︎ Social; teamplayer
▶︎ Pre: Knowledge about IT 

▶︎ A young and dynamic team
▶︎ Professional guidance
▶︎ Challenging games of table tennis
▶︎ A monthly remuneration of €450,-

START: End of January/start of February 2021
DURATION: 5 months
KIND OF INTERNSHIP: Graduation assignment

Are you ready to step into the ring? Send a motivation letter + resume to Jeroen van de Lagemaat ( with the subject: TalentIT | Vacancy: Graduation assignment HRM


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