About the foundation

TalentIT Twente might be a newcomer, but it possesses considerable knowledge and experience, because it isn’t alone. TalentIT Twente is an initiative by the business and education sectors in Twente. This broadly supported initiative has a single goal: take talent in Twente, and thereby the whole region, to an even higher level. Push IT to the limit!

Het IT platform met impact op studenten en bedrijven.

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Let’s be honest: Twente is a beautiful region, where the hectic pace of turbulent business life and hospitable inner cities is interspersed with space, tranquillity and nature. Twente is unique! Even more than we locals realise.


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What’s in IT for me?

If you’d like to know more about what we can do for you, please contact us. We’re looking forward to getting to know you, discussing the options, and giving you advice tailored to your needs. An honest conversation with a single goal: a bright future for you and Twente! Push IT in Twente to the limit!

FAQ Partners

When will I be brought into contact with a student?

After the agreement between the organization and foundation has been signed and the entry fee has been paid, TalentIT will officially start its search for your talent. The time until a match can vary depending on the rarity of the type of student looked for. When found, an introductory chat will take place with the student who best matches the organization.

Is the student also supported by TalentIT after the match?

The use of talent is not possible without guidance. Post-match TalentIT remains in contact with the partner and student to support the cooperation. TalentIT also offers both hard- and soft skills coaching from our partners Blooming IT and WIMM.

Is the student under contract with TalentIT?

The student signs a contract with and works for the partner company. Regardless of the fact that they enter into an agreement with TalentIT to confirm their membership.

What are the requirements of an assignment?

The organization must coordinate the details of the part-time job (and related practical implementation) together with the student. The statutory employment conditions apply to this. Internships and graduation assignments must be approved by the educational institution.

What is the load on students with regards to the study?

A student works for about 8 to 16 hours at a part-time job assignment from our partner. This can be increased if and when it does not negatively affect the student’s study progress, and in communication with TalentIT

FAQ IT Talents

When can I start at a company?

After the intake you first sign an agreement with the foundation TalentIT to confirm your membership. Afterwards we will match you with companies to find a suitable match and assignment.

How much do I get paid at TalentIT?

TalentIT partners utilize a sheet of minimum tariffs. The student is free to negotiate for a higher salary. The minimum is determined by the level of education and year. During a part-time job the minimum is €10,00 per hour (MBO), €12,00 per hour (Bachelors) & €14,00 per hour (Masters). For an internship and / or graduation assignment, it is €450,00 per month.

Minimum tariffs can change via feedback from partners and students. You can always request the tariff sheet from an employee of TalentIT.
Note: These tariffs only apply to matches made for students who are member of TalentIT. The tariff sheet does not apply to projects in which TalentIT merely supports.

Am I under contract with the company?

You sign an agreement with TalentIT, through which you become a member of our foundation. When you are matched to a company you also sign an employment contract for the period that you will work there.

Can I indicate my preference for companies / projects?

We encourage you to orient yourself on the different companies and assignments that our region has to offer! We then include the practical details of this in the matching process.

How much can I work for a part-time job?

For a part-time job you may work 8 to 16 hours, depending on the study progress. After approval from those involved (TalentIT and Organisation) it can be raised, provided your study progress is not compromised.