Looking for IT Talent for your company?

Join TalentIT as an entrepreneur and we will find the perfect match for your company. Together we fight to retain IT-talent in Twente. Push IT to the limit!

Het IT platform met impact op studenten en bedrijven.

What can you expect as a partner?

The world is changing, and IT is changing: how do you make sure your organisation is up to date and future-proof? This is where TalentIT Twente comes in. We make sure that every organisation, no matter how big or small, can grow to the next level.

We look closely at you as our partner, and search for a student who matches you: a rising talent with a fresh perspective, an IT specialist with strength, stamina and courage. Basically, someone who goes full out to further strengthen your company.

What’s in it for me

So, how do you benefit? You take on someone who is guaranteed to create value for your company, without having to find them yourself. TalentIT Twente finds the perfect match, and remains involved afterwards. We provide both professional and personal guidance, so the very best results are achieved together. Push IT to the limit!

The benefits of TalentIT Twente in a nutshell:

  • A student works for you who actually fits your company.
  • This student receives expert supervision from TalentIT Twente.
  • Every company in Twente, irrespective of size, can get in-house talent.
  • You save on HR.
  • You increase the chance that talents from Twente will stay in the region, even after their courses end.
  • There’s a good chance you’ll find your future IT professional.
  • Your company can grow and answer future customer needs.

Become a partner

IT plays a role in almost every company and every organisation, whether it’s the core business, an essential link in the business process, or central to products and services delivered. TalentIT Twente is for every company in Twente that deals with IT, no matter how large or small. We’re looking forward to welcoming you on board as a partner!

Get in touch

If you’d like to know more about what we can do for you, please contact us. We’re looking forward to getting to know you, discussing the options, and giving you advice tailored to your needs.

Case - Exxtra

Through a lunch talk at study association Syntaxis, Douwe came into contact with TalentIT. He had finished his first year at HBO ICT and was introduced to Exxtra. We had a good feeling that Douwe suited Exxtra, which quickly resulted in the green light to start working together…

Het IT platform met impact op studenten en bedrijven.