Case – Willem Lefferts

In addition to my studies, HBO-ICT (Software Engineer), I wanted to gain new professional knowledge at an IT company in the form of an internship or a part-time job. That is how I ended up at OVSoftware via TalentIT Twente. They provide advice on automation and provide support for efficient software systems. Their solutions in Java and .NET ensure that both businesses and governments can work more easily and efficiently.

At OVSoftware, I worked on an application for Android with which users could scan a wine bottle. The app can show the data of this wine via Augmented Reality. This same data can also be used to provide quality score. This means that the app can predict how much you would like that wine based on reviews you previously left with other wines. Machine learning is used for this. For OVSoftware this means that they will soon be able to show that they have experience with AR and machine learning. They can then use this  app as an example.

During my stay at OVSoftware I could also ask colleagues questions when I got stuck. The supervisors also helped me through tough situations at certain times. This way I was able to gain a lot of new professional knowledge, especially in the field of machine learning.

“I am very pleased that TalentIT can always help me with a suitable challenge.”

The advantage, which makes the IT industry unique to me, is that after my internship period I now also have the chance to get an IT-related part-time job. In most other studies, it is not really possible to have a matching part-time job while studying. In addition, having experience as a Software Engineer is very important, which makes it so great that TalentIT can help me with an internship, part-time job or graduation place that matches what I am looking for; more professional knowledge as a Software Engineer.

TalentIT knows how to help me quickly and purposefully. The communication was clear and fast, which allowed me to start working on a new assignment within a few days.

Willem Lefferts, Software Engineer


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