Digital Workplace Twente

Digital Workplace Twente is a place where entrepreneurs, students, teachers and experts help each other with digitisation. Entrepreneurs will benefit from practical support and specific advice. Young professionals provide them with advice on, for example: online sales & marketing, data and (office) automation. By means of a personal interview, we bring the digitisation issue into focus, so that a clear starting point is created for the students.

What questions can Digital Workplace Twente (DWT) help you with? Basically, we offer support in three areas: online sales & marketing, data and (office) automation. We help small to medium enterprises with issues such as: online findability, the translation of an online marketing strategy, marketing automation, Internet of Things and Big Data. DWT provides companies with new opportunities and researches the need for digitisation.

What steps do we take? We have a personal meeting, which enables us to determine the current state of digitisation. This is foundation for the issue. After the interview, DWT will link one or more students to your organisation, who will work under the supervision of lecturers and the experts in the DWT team. Together, they provide specific advice for the company. The project is supervised by lecturers and students from the ROC, Saxion and University of Twente.




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