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Together we fight to keep IT-talent in Twente
TalentIT supports the IT industry in Twente with a platform to show itself. We give students the opportunity to develop themselves within IT companies in the region. Together we fight to keep IT talent in Twente. Find your perfect match and…
Push IT to the limit!

Het IT platform met impact op studenten en bedrijven.
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Together, we’re at the start of something big. Together, we’re working on our future. Together, we’re boosting the Twente region. You deserve it, Twente deserves it: let’s do IT!

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Join TalentIT as an entrepreneur and we will find the perfect match for your company. Together we fight to retain IT-talent in Twente. Push IT to the limit!


to become
the talent of
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Join TalentIT as a student and we will find the company that matches your profile. Get in the ring and experience the IT industry in Twente. Push IT to the limit!

Het IT platform met impact op studenten en bedrijven.

Why we fight for it

IT is both the present and the future, nothing more and nothing less. IT is pure and real, and present everywhere in Twente. Large companies, small specialists, institutions and government authorities are all looking for talent: the IT specialists of the future, with the courage to advance and the courage to act. The rising talent of the future, hungry to learn, work and get the most out of themselves. Taking Twente to the next level. The IT world in Twente has more to offer than you might expect. Push IT to the limit!

How it works

For companies and institutions: the partners
Strength, stamina, courage and a new perspective: TalentIT Twente can offer it all. Students from Saxion University of Applied Sciences and the University of Twente are very keen to give the IT world in Twente a boost. So, how do you go about finding the right talent? Don’t worry about IT, we’ll find the perfect match! We can also provide any necessary supervision. Find out how the indisputable talents of students can benefit your company. The top IT talents of the future.

For IT students: the talents
Prepare yourself for a top job on the labour market. Challenge yourself, and get experience in the IT world during your studies. Apply your studies directly to real-world projects. We know our region and the companies in it. The decision is yours. We’re here to help you find the right match with a company where you can learn, work on your future, and create value from the outset with your fresh perspective and healthy drive. Twente needs you, and Twente is ready for you. Are you ready?

Who’s in IT

Don’t wait for the future when you can get it in-house right now! IT students in Twente are queuing up to meet you. Students who want to gain experience during their studies and make a meaningful contribution are dreaming of a job at a company like yours. Get the IT specialist of the future working for you right now. A breath of fresh air, a whole new mindset, and a healthy battle from time to time: just wait and see the results! In Twente, we do so much to train students properly, so let’s make sure they put down roots and stay here. Keep IT talent in Twente!

Het IT platform met impact op studenten en bedrijven.

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We are ready for it

It’s high time for companies and IT talents to join forces. TalentIT Twente is ready to help you find that perfect match. Only the best is good enough, it’s really that simple! Our goal: empowering each other. Can we count on you to work together with us on making the difference and beating a path to the future?

Het IT platform met impact op studenten en bedrijven.