TalentIT Summer School 2021 Sign up page

Attention! Unfortunately the TalentIT Summer School is postponed. We will get back at you with a new date. To be continued!



Looking for a practical IT challenge? Knowledge that really makes a difference in practice? We got you! The TalentIT Summer School is just the thing for you. This first edition with a single week full of various programming languages and knowledge about frameworks from partners is a unique opportunity. Enjoy workshops and a hackathon for a fun week full of value! 

Our foundation speaks with a lot of talents and companies. We always try to make the best match possible, but in getting to know all of you we see more than just the good. We also see where desires of both parties do not overlap, or where opportunities lie. For this first edition we decided to focus on programming languages which are commonly used, which are not taught by Universities. It would be a shame if a match was lost due to something you can learn, after all. Let fix this knowledge gap together!

So why would you want to partake? The theory will be presented by a teacher from the Saxion University of Applied Sciences, Fleur de Vries – Oudenampsen. She will make sure everyone is taught the theory at a fitting speed for them, so you can get the challenge you seek. This edition she will teach you PHP, NodeJS, VueJS, React and Angular. Additionally, various partners of TalentIT will come present workshops and interact with you. Grow your network and learn about the practical use of these programming languages. Who knows, you may just find your next job. Finally, the week will be closed with a hackathon for a fun and interactive program!

One week of interaction on location! A free lunch! Students and employees of companies of all levels are welcomed, with free entry for TalentIT students.


  • Much like entry into our foundation in general, we expect students to have at least finished the first year of their IT related study
  • Entry is free for students who are members of TalentIT, employees of companies pay an entry fee of 200,- Euro’s per day

Tip: If you aren’t member of our foundation already, sign up now!